Flickr List

The following is a list of pictures from my flickr. My pictures is more than 200. I have to create my own list. (Or use Flickr Leecher.)

  1. In front of Sakura flower, Tokyo, Japan
  2. menulis di atas kereta api: writing on a moving train. it was difficult and unreadble
  3. book, swimming pool, hotel, taken sometime in 2005, in a hotel around Jakarta
  4. A rendering picture of me with moustache and beard, mugshot
  5. U of Manitoba's Silicon Valley connection: University of Manitoba's connection (Bob's students) @ Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. 2000. From left to right. Bob McLeod (U of M, EE Prof.), I forgot the name of the lady, Roger Ng (Xilinx), Jay Diamond (Intel / Mediadome), me, Ralph Lohse (Magma CAD tools), Armein Langi (ITB researcher, sabatical at Stanford University)
  6. Winter 1987 at University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
  7. Me thinking during a seminar - 2001?: mugshot
  8. Jogging on a Sunday Morning. Taken by my wife on 15 January 2006. Behind me is a lanscape of South Bandung. Our house is about 300 meters down the road.
  9. Lemsip capsules
  10. Imanissimo cassette cover
  11. Georgia vs Arial
  12. Me and my new glasses (cropped)
  13. Me and my new glasses
  14. Explaining Bipolar Technology to junior high-school students
  15. Cover of December 2005 issue, Intisari magazine
  16. Be Nice To Me, Or I'll Blog You
  17. My badge at Cisco Security Summit 2005, Jakarta
  18. Atika and Luqman eating cheese cake
  19. In front of Atika's Hostel
  20. Sampul Kaset LCLR Prambors 1978
  21. Microsoft advertisment (2004)
  22. Buka Puasa @ IDC